Roofing: Explained

When it pours, we reign!

Roofs typically consist of at least three major components: the membrane and flashings, the insulation, and the deck. All three components are vital to the roof's performance.

The first major component, the membrane and the flashings, are typically exposed to the brunt of the elements. They are most relied on to keep moisture from penetrating the roof system.

The second component is the insulation. Typically located directly under the membrane, insulation can easily be ruined by water damage if there are deficiencies in the membrane.

Last but not least is the deck. This is the supporting structure for the entire roof system, giving it the "backbone" to function properly.

The roof is your company's most valuable, but also most vulnerable asset. It has to withstand the interruption of water damage and repairs. Although often overlooked, it is vital to inspect your roof frequently to ensure that you receive the longest life possible for your investment. However, even the best roofs will not last forever. When it comes time to replace your existing roof, take time to educate yourself to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product for your investment.

The goal of Duraguard Commercial Roofing is to extend the service life of your existing roofs as long as possible and then, when replacement is necessary, to ensure that you receive the highest quality roof that will meet your company's needs and objectives.